The boring life of a stay at home mom

Did you finish a complete thought at any time during the day? Must be nice.

Haven't been here much
One of those days
Yeah yeah yeah I know I know, I haven't been here much and when I am I usually just post to private.

But i am alive, things show signs of slowing down a little but the short of it lately has been:

. Kids are awesome if not keeping me super busy. Sweet Pea continues to amaze and entertain me.
. My uncle's health is failing and I have been spending the mornings two days a week going over to his house to help out. It's a challenge, but it's what I can do to give him and my aunt a break from each other.
. October was INSANELY socially busy. But all weddings, events, dates and parties were attended and my Hell-Girl Halloween costume was a hit. (pics soon, swears)
. Working for Travis has picked up and tends to eat most of my free time
. PMS is not my friend and has gotten worse since I had the kids.
. Still finding new recipes I love and perfecting them further.
. Did set up my profile on Google + and have actually joined the rest of the world in internet socialness.

I think that about covers it. I will check in from time to time, but if you don't see anything here I am not dead. Just too busy to think straight and enjoying what free time I have by not being in front of the computer.

Food for thought on the media...
One of those days
Miss Representation 8 min trailer on the media and what it's telling us about women.

Freaking RAD!!!
Laughing Lord
So awesome I have to share.

Freaking LOVE OK Go! And so does Sweet Pea apparently.

ANNNND we're back!
Pirate mom
Having never been on a cruise I have to say it was probably the most exorbitant thing I have ever done in my life. Now coming from a woman who has never flown first class or ordered room service, that might not be saying much.

Regardless, it was amazingly decadent and loads of fun.Collapse )

So there you have it. I do have a few mental notes though:
• If you order drinks, do the two for one special. Much more cost effective

• They don’t skimp on alcohol. Be prepared

• If you can, start saving for paying for gratuities. It adds up quick and can be an unexpected $300 at the end of the trip

• Sun Block, Sun Block, Sun Block. Although, we reapplied to Chris four times and he still got burned. Wonder if the water rides he was giving the kids wore it off.

• Cococay – about what you would expect. Nothing too fantastic, except for the cock fighting. Seriously ANGRY fowl on that island. They will take your knee caps off for food

• St. Thomas – good shopping, nice outdoor mall. If you leave that area it becomes blatantly apparent how much of a third world-non OSHA approved- sketchy country it is.

• St. Maarten – get past the aggressive hawkers (you want a chair and umbrella) and it is a wonderful, bright and fun island where once you pay for your seat at the beach they will cater to you all day long. Gorgeous and colourful, must go SCUBA diving there.

• Bunk beds are now called Bonk Beds thanks to the ones that dropped out of the ceiling in our room

And the photos are up on Flickr:

First time at the dentist
DL at 4
After our pediatrician asked me a few times if DL had gone yet I decided to call the dentist office and see if they could sneak him in the same time as me when I went in for my cleaning. And they could, so Drama Llama went to the dentist for the first time last night.

He was freaking awesome! He listened closely to folks and did exactly what they told him to do, which was surprising with the x-rays. He got to wear some "cool glasses" when they were checking his teeth because the light was really bright and hurt his eyes.
They counted his teeth and when they said he had 10 on top and 10 on bottom he looked up and said "Momma, I have 20 teeth!" Granted we have been doing "cookie math" at home, but it was nice to see him use it in the real world.

So long story short, his teeth look great, they are shiny from being polished and he got a ton of swag from the dentist. Not to mention lots of praise from the staff who had never seen a 4 year old act so well.
"You did better than some of my 30 year old clients" Dr. Dave told him.

And he also sat patiently, watched and asked the dentist questions while they cleaned my teeth. The Drama Llama was not so full of drama, which was awesome. Lets hope he doesn't pull this in January when we go back for another cleaning: (from our valued customers)

and he did!
Belle bore
I officially have a MAD crush on Neil Gaiman. Due to my wonderful husband and our trusty side kick Kailara, I got to leave the screaming masses to join Chelle and Cuddly to see him Monday night in Berkeley.

The reading was delightful. Adam Savage was the host (surprise, surprise) and asked a bunch of fantastic questions. Although I couldn't tell if he was really that well read or if he just had a ton of really good literary quotes on his clip board of doom. Neil did read from American Gods for it's 10 year anniversary and remarked that he never thought the book would be having an anniversary edition. I did laugh that a good part of the book was his personal experiences of being an immigrant in American and how "fucking weird" we are.

"They put a car out on the frozen lake and take bets as to when it will crash in. And I would say, "you know this is weird right?" And the guy responded "we've always done it *shrug*."

He did leak that American Gods is going to be a mini series on HBO, that he should be writing Sandman 0 soon(we must know how Morpheus got so messed up).
And for you Dr. Who fans he hopes to do a novella to go into more detail on "the doctors wife" which he LOVED writing. He said working on Dr. Who felt like coming home.

And that he has a ton of sympathy for the red dallek because as he remembers something about dallek's not being able to see the colour red. So that poor guy must get ignored constantly or be freaking the others out when all they see are sliver dots and plungers going : "WTF? Did you see that? Think it was a ghost? EXTERMINATE!"

And sadly there was no signings, but Cuddly and Chelle were kind enough to get me an autographed copy of the 10 anniversary author's preferred text. I'm curious what's different than the original.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me relax and have an amazing evening. Hopefully I can see him again when he is back in November.

To all friends without children:
Belle bore
By Jason GoodCollapse )

Thanks to all of you who understand and all of you who are being so patient with CJL and I. I swear we will be back..... Someday.

Thought for the day....
Pirate mom
Root Beer floats should be given more consideration as a main course for dinner.

Not my fault, the music made me do it!
Tonight I decided to walk down to Starbucks and get some artwork done.
I put my ipod on, push play on my new favourite song and haul ass. Well it seems I had a little too much stomp in my walk. Cause I got noticed.

After ordering my coffee and sitting down a young lady (maybe early 20s) walks up and asks:
"I don't mean to be rude, but you were seriously walking when you came in here. What were you listening to?"

Totally embarrassed I answered "Enter Telephone. It's a mash up of Lady Gaga and Metallica."

"WHAT?! Seriously?"

"Yeah. Here" and I handed her my ipod. She listened for a few seconds and her eyes got wide.

"ok, that's makes since. Where did you find that?"

So I told her. And then on my walk home, I paid serious attention to NOT let the beat get the better of me.

Oh my aching butt
Work out and healthy
Dear Joseph Pilates,

Your program may do fantastic things for my body and I did enjoy my workout yesterday. Although this morning I could hardly walk downstairs.

As of this moment, you and my ass are no longer friends.

My lower extremities


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